Wiregrass is a cultural resources consulting firm providing professional cultural resources management (CRM) services to a broad range of clients and has successfully completed numerous projects throughout the Southeast, including Emergency Response as part of the Incident Command Structure (ICS) on the Deepwater Horizon MC 252 Oil Spill Response, Department of Defense (Alabama Army National Guard, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Forestry Service) as well as numerous private clients. Wiregrass has conducted a variety of projects from site inventory to site mitigation and has demonstrated the ability to successfully work within a variety of disciplines during emergency response.

Wiregrass is equipped to provide the following professional services:

  • Archival & Historic Research
  • Reconnaissance-level Surveys
  • Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments
  • Phase II Site Evaluation
  • Phase III Data Recovery and Mitigation
  • Architectural Assessments
  • Archaeobotanical Analysis
  • Lithic Analysis
  • Mapping for better private land management

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